15 Wonderful Beach Essentials Every Girl Needs This Summer ...


If youโ€™re headed to the beach, be sure you pack your bags with these must-have beach essentials while youโ€™re also finding the perfect swimsuit.

A good beach trip should be full of fun, sun, and a little key preparation.

Put all of these beach essentials in your bags and enjoy your fun in the sun!

1. A Great Beach Bag

A Great Beach Bag

A great beach bag is one of the best beach essentials a girl can have.2

Your bag should be large enough to store most of all the remaining items on this list and include lots of pockets, which will keep smaller things stored away so you donโ€™t have to dig to the bottom of the bag to find them.

I also like colorful bags, and preferably something to match my swimsuit!

2. A Great Suit

A Great Suit

Obviously, a girl should have a great suit when she heads out for the sand and sun.

Get a suit that fits well, expresses your personality and that isnโ€™t 10 years old!

If your suit is faded, doesnโ€™t fit well and is something someone else picked out for you, youโ€™re missing out on a key beach essential.

A great suit wonโ€™t come off easily, and will make you feel more confident, along with expressing some personal flair.

3. A Huge, Soft Towel

A Huge, Soft Towel

I always like to bring a huge, extremely soft towel to the beach with me.

Keeping a large towel, versus an average sized one, is great because if you find yourself without a beach chair for any unknown reason, youโ€™ll be set!

My beach chair broke once in the middle of the week, but I was fine because I had a huge towel to lie on instead.

I love soft towels too, which can be great if you happen to get sunburned!

4. Oil-free SPF

Oil-free SPF

Be sure to throw some oil-free SPF in your bag when you pack!

SPF doesnโ€™t just prevent in skin cancer, but also wrinkles, sunburn and dry skin.2

I absolutely adore the Ultra Sheer sunblock by Neutrogena, which contains helioplex techonology to block harmful rays and enhance the skin.

It even contains zinc oxides, which help fight breakouts from sweat during your sun sessions.

Aloe Vera Gel
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