13 Winning Ways to Upcycle Wine Corks ...


Ways to Upcycle Wine Corks are great craft projects for those who love to drink wine.

If you happen to have a huge stash of wine corks, I'm sure you will find a project here that you can whip up right away.

And you can do that while drinking wine, too.

If, like me, you are not a big drinker, these wine cork craft projects are still worth a look.

After all, you can easily buy wine works from thrift stores, restaurants, or even online.

1. Pen


This method to upcycle wine corks is very easy.

The blogger shares: Carefully drill through the center of your wine corks (better if you have a drill press), and slip over a pen.

But please — no drinking and drilling.


2. Coaster and Trivet Set

Coaster and Trivet Set

There are many ways that you can go about making coasters using wine corks.

I love this method that Abigail shares because you end up with items that are flat and visually appealing.

Check out her tute now!

3. Backsplash


There are many ways that you can show your guests that you love wine.

Making this easy-to-assemble bar backsplash is probably one of the best.2

4. Art


Isn't this sculpture adorable?

The great thing about this is that it opens up so many possibilities for your wine cork DIY adventures.

You can make other animals, basic shapes, and many more.

5. Bath Mat

Bath Mat

This is another wine cork DIY project that is easy on the pockets.

Make sure that you seal the mat before you use it, though.

6. Bulletin Bar

Bulletin Bar

Looking for an interesting way to display your kid's art or some of your family photos?

This wine cork bulletin bar is a perfect solution.

Simple and easy to do!

Candle Holder
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