7 Ways to Show Your Grandma You Love Her ...


Grandmas are such a wonderful part of a family, and there are many ways to show your grandma you love her.

All too often our busy lives get in the way of showing important people in our family how much we love them.

As clichΓ© as it is, our relationships with others are what make life worthwhile, so we need to take the time to foster these relationships, especially with our grandmas!

So, here are some special ways to show your grandma you love her!

1. Send Her Letters

One of the best ways to show your grandma you love her is by sending her a good old-fashioned letter in the mail.

This will surely make her day, especially if it's an "I was just thinking about you" card.

My grandma loves checking her mail and seeing more than bills in it, and I'm sure your grandma will too!

2. Give Her a Call

Since our grandparents grew up in a different era, many of them are not accustomed to the new technologies of today.

For instance, my grandma does not even have caller ID on her phone, so when she receives a phone call from a loved one, it is a huge surprise!

Your grandma will definitely feel loved if you give her a call every once in a while just to see how she's doing.

3. Surprise Visit

Not all of us are fortunate enough to live close to our grandmas, but if you are, showing up for a surprise visit will make her day!

Stopping by to see if your grandma needs anything or just to chat for a while is a great way to show her you love and care about her.

4. Tell Her!

One of the easiest things you can do to show your grandma you love her is to just tell her!

This simple statement is too often neglected.

So don't forget to say "I love you, Grandma!" once in a while.

Offer to do Something for Her
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