7 Ways to Master the Art of Small Talk ...

Why should you want to master the art of small talk?

Even the most socially-adept people can find themselves in an uncomfortable silence, while for the socially-anxious, even the thought of striking up a conversation can be daunting.

Small talk comes in handy in various situations: you might be networking;

you might need to change an awkward subject;

there might be topics you have to avoid;

and of course, there are those deathly silences when the other person is waiting for you to say something because they can’t think of anything to say themselves.

If you master the art of small talk you will have a powerful conversational ally for business and social occasions of all sorts.

1. Practice by Putting Yourself in Situations Where You May Use Small Talk

If you want to master anything then you need to force yourself into multiple situations where you may practice.

If you want to master the art of small talk then you need to start putting yourself into situations where small talk is required.

Do not start out within the dating scene as there is too much pressure.

Find places where small talk is common, even if this means talking to strangers on a train or in an elevator.

Open Ended Questions Make Small Talk Easier