7 Ways to Blow Your Diet without Even Realizing It...


It's a New Year and you want to start working on a New You;2

you begin a new work out routine, and start on a new diet by eating turkey burgers and drinking diet soda, but are these things okay?2

I thought they were, but it seems that there are some things we might be doing that go against our new healthy outlook.

The lovely Jen Gargotto from MsMorphosis, is guest blogging with us today to share the 7 Ways to Blow Your Diet Without Even Realizing It that she learned by doing a little research...

Are You Blowing Your Diet Unknowingly...

1. Counting Calories? That Turkey Burger Isn't Doing You Any Favors...

Thought replacing beef with turkey was smart?2

Yeah, so did I.

Joke is on us.

After some extensive research (i.e.

looking at nutrition facts), it appears that lean ground beef often has less calories than ground turkey (and, in my opinion, a far better taste).

So, the next time you’re at a restaurant and consider ordering the turkey burger over the beef burger, consider this: a four ounce turkey burger comes in at around 220 calories while a 95% lean beef burger is only 185.

Whereas most restaurants won’t bother to use “lean” turkey, many will specify when they have lean cuts of meat.

So, rather than just assuming the turkey is the smarter option, check the facts first.

As ABC Newsreported in its “food fooler” diets special, “the leanness of a burger has less to do with the type of protein and more to do with the percentage of fat.

A turkey burger can pack more fat and calories than a beef burger if the ground meat is made with a higher percentage of dark meat and animal fat.

One 4-ounce turkey burger made with 85% lean meat can have 17 grams of fat.”2

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