9 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues ...


How To Beat The Winter Blues is a piece of advice just about all of us can use once January rolls around.

It feels like as soon as christmas is over, winter just drags out and leaves us all aching for sunshine and warm days.

It's right about that time that everybody needs to know how to beat the winter blues!

I live in a place where it's wintertime about 6 months out of the year, so you can rest assured I have some great ideas on how to beat the winter blues!

Keep on reading if you would like to get some inspiring ideas to put to good use for your family on how to beat the winter blues!

1. Clothes Matter

Winter really isn't one of my favorite seasons for fashion.

I hate having to bundle up all the time!2

But I've decided since I have to do it, I might as well make the best!

So I make sure I have cute boots, a chic coat, and a fun scarf and hat set.

There's nothing like feeling cute to be one surefire way on how to beat those winter blues!

If you have children, consider picking up some articles of clothing that feature their favorite characters.

2. Comfort Foods

One of my favorite things about winter time is all the comfort foods I get to make!

Soups, casseroles, warm pastas...the list goes on and on!

Wanna know how to beat the winter blues for good?

Make up your favorite hot dish and share it with someone special!

You'll forget all about missing summer in no time!2

3. Game Night

Game night is always a fun way to bust up a case of the winter blues!

Drag out all of your family favorite board and/or card games.

You can also inject a few classics such as charades into the mix.

Don't have any kids?

Have some friends over for a night filled with laughs and memories in the making!

Making the Best
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