7 Ways to Answer the Question Why Should We Hire You ...


No matter how well qualified you are for the job, landing the role is as much about fitting in with the company doing the hiring as it is having the right experience and relevant training. The interview is your only chance you get to present your wondrous talents and attributes, and being prepared for the non-work specific elements is important to your chances of success. This is the point in an interview when you can be thrown a real curve ball. Questions like “give us reasons to hire you,” “why should we employ you,” or “what can you bring to our company," can really catch you off guard if you aren’t prepared. Here are 7 ways to answer the question why should we hire you.

1. Discuss Your Skills

This is the perfect opportunity to reiterate your key skills and point out any that you haven’t so far been able to work in to your previous answers. That can make all the difference for getting hired. Make sure you make them relate to the job.

Know the Company
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