7 Ways for the Single Girl to Survive a Wedding ...


One of the hardest things to endure as a single girl is a wedding.

There’s always a relative asking when it will be your turn.

Most single girls will know it is better to be alone than with the wrong man even at a huge party or celebration so here to help are 7 ways for the single girl to survive a wedding.

1. If an Excuse to Miss the Wedding Can Be Found, then Use It

Unfortunately, all single girls have friends and family and so it is often necessary to attend a wedding.

However if the wedding can be missed due to distance, lack of travel funds or a prior engagement, why not take the opportunity to send a witty and heartfelt apology and congratulations that can be read at the reception.2

2. Don’t Be a Bridesmaid

The single girl who isn’t a bridesmaid can hide in a seat during the ceremony and duck into a corner during the reception.

A bridesmaid on the other hand usually spends the wedding close to the centre of attention (otherwise known as the bride) – which makes it hard to hide.

3. Try to Get a Good Seat at the Reception

A good seat at the reception is an important way for the single girl to survive the wedding – it can be the difference between sitting at a table full of other fun young singles or being relegated to the childrens’ table.2

4. Wear a Fantastic Outfit

The best way for the single girl to survive a wedding is to do it looking good.

Not too desperate but instead find a stunning outfit that looks great and makes everyone realise how happy the single girl really is.

5. Find a Friend for Backup

Sometimes it is possible to bring along a friend as an extra guest but if not, find someone else at the wedding that may be in the same situation and watch each other’s backs.

Behave Appropriately
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