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Yes I know cat videos on YouTube are funny but other than giving you some light relief and a mood boost, they don’t really enrich your life.

The next time you’re browsing, make a stop at some websites that can make you smarter.

There’s a wealth of smarts in these, for example:

1. Duolingo


This is a language-learning website.

You are able to learn how to speak write in Spanish, German, English, Portuguese, Italian and French.

It will take you a few months, but if you are willing to put in the effort, then you may learn enough of the language to visit the country or even put it to use in your job.

2. GeographyIQ


This website is a mixture of Google Earth and Wikipedia.2

It both shows you locations and gives you information on them.

It teaches you a great deal about history and the people within the locations, as well as giving you the geographical information.

If you are taking a geography course, or are just viciously interested in the subject, then this may be the website for you.

3. MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware

This is a website that is maintained by MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Their open courseware features courses on various topics that they have created themselves.

The idea is to spread education without charging people money.

You cannot earn a degree, but you can learn the things that are taught in degree courses.2

4. HowStuffWorks


This is a simple website that shows you how things work.

It shows you the principles and concepts behind things both in the academic world, and (most often) in the real world.

It teaches a variety of things, from why your pituitary gland does what it does, to why water spins a certain way when you pull the plug out in the bath.

Information is Beautiful
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