7 Very Important Things You Should Never Say at a Job Interview ...


If you’re currently looking for a job or if you’re looking for a better job, you should know that you’ll need to prepare yourself a little bit before meeting your (hopefully) future employer and that’s why you should know those very important things you should never say at a job interview.

Even if you do have the perfect resume, the qualifications required for that job, a work-appropriate lovely outfit and even if you did arrived a bit early, you set your phone to silent mode and you believe you do have all that it takes to pass that interview with flying colors, you should still pay attention to some things you should never say at a job interview, in order for everything to go as well as planned.

1. “I Know Nothing about Your Company.”

This is definitely one of the things you should never say at a job interview!

Even if you didn’t have enough time to do your research and you do know very little about that company, you should never say that out loud even if you intended it to be an excuse.3

In that situation it’s better to just avoid that topic because you don't want to seem disinterested, unprofessional or untrustworthy.2

Remember to always do your homework before going to a job interview if you want to really impress your potential employer, because this could definitely land you the job of your dreams.

2. “I Hate My Old Job!”

Even if it is true and you really did hate your old job, you should definitely try to keep this opinion to yourself, especially when you’re at a job interview.

By admitting how awful your job was or by even complaining about the terrible things you had to do there, you’ll only seem like a difficult person who didn’t know how to fit in at your old work place, thus your potential employer might wonder if you wouldn’t do the same in their company.

Don’t Give Only Yes or No Answers
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