7 Types of Friends We All Need to Have ...


Think about your circle of friends, and how many types of friends you have.

Chances are, they fall into a few key categories, and though you love them all, they’re all useful and endearing in different ways.

But when you need them, no matter what type of friend they are, they’re there for you… so you need every one.2

Here are the 7 types of friends we all need to have, and why.

1. The Listener

This is the type of friend I tend to be, and I love it.

My friends trust me to listen to their drama or difficulty without judgment, and without interrupting to offer advice (until they ask).

You need a listener in your circle of friends because it’s good to know you have someone you can vent to, especially, if that someone is also a good secret-keeper.

2. The Brutally Honest Bitch

This type of friend will tell you like it is, whether you like it or not.

She’s brutally honest, but not mean.

She’s the one who told you your boyfriend was cheating on you, and that you should never, ever wear those shoes with that dress again… but she also gave you a shoulder to cry on, and loaned you just the right shoes.

3. The Fashionista

Speaking of shoes, this type of friend is also a must-have, because we can’t all afford to buy Jimmy Choos and J Brand jeans, but she can, and she’s happy to loan them out.

She’s also a good one to bring with you when you do decide to splurge on an item.

You trust her infallible fashion sense, and you have unfettered access to her closet.


4. The Fitness Guru

Want to know which workout DVD to buy next, or whether or not the yoga studio that just opened up is worth a try?2

Ask this type of friend, the fitness guru.

She’s also good for low-cal recipes that don’t taste low-cal, and she’s also an excellent source of inspiration.

Can you keep up with her on a 5K run?

Maybe not, but you can try… and she’d probably love the company.

The Diva
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