7 Types of Friends We All Need to Have ...


Think about your circle of friends, and how many types of friends you have. Chances are, they fall into a few key categories, and though you love them all, theyโ€™re all useful and endearing in different ways. But when you need them, no matter what type of friend they are, theyโ€™re there for youโ€ฆ so you need every one. Here are the 7 types of friends we all need to have, and why.

1. The Listener

This is the type of friend I tend to be, and I love it. My friends trust me to listen to their drama or difficulty without judgment, and without interrupting to offer advice (until they ask). You need a listener in your circle of friends because itโ€™s good to know you have someone you can vent to, especially, if that someone is also a good secret-keeper.

The Brutally Honest Bitch
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