7 Tips to Ensure You Don't do All the Housework ...


Do you need some tips to ensure you don't do all the housework?

Women still do most of the household chores, even if they work full-time (and let's not forget that looking after children is a full-time job).

This makes us very resentful;

we shouldn't be stuck with household chores just because we're female.

And sometimes we live with lazy roommates who never do their share of cleaning.

So here are some tips to ensure you don't do all the housework, whether you live with a partner, your family, or roommates …2

1. Divide Chores

One of the tips to ensure you don't do all the housework is to divide the chores up.

Try to share these fairly according to the time and effort they take.

Insist that everyone does their assigned chores, and don't let them get away with postponing, otherwise things will be continually put off.

For a shared house, set a day for cleaning to be done.

Start Kids on Chores Young
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