9 Tips for Bringing a New Kitten Home ...


Bringing a new kitten home is a great way to infuse more joy into your life, but it’s also a very serious commitment.

I adopted my own two cats a couple years ago when they were just four months old, and I’ve loved watching them grow into happy, healthy full-grown kitties ever since.

Are you thinking about bringing a new kitten home?2

Here are a few important things to keep in mind.2

1. Make a Commitment

Bringing a new kitten home is a decision to love and care for your pet throughout his or her entire life, so be sure you are emotionally and financially able to commit before you adopt.

It truly breaks my heart to hear about pets being abandoned at shelters when their guardians move or become “too busy” to care for them.

Animals are not toys or mere possessions, so don’t adopt unless you are ready to love them as a permanent part of your family.

2. Prepare Your Home

Little kittens love to play and explore, so be sure your home is ready.

Things like small knickknacks and cords will be viewed as playthings in the eyes of a young kitten, so be sure these items are stored away or otherwise secured.

Items like loose string and toxic plants can also be fatal to cats when ingested, so work with your local rescue organization to ensure you’ve created a safe and welcoming environment.

3. Consider Adopting a Pair

Kittens love companionship, so adopting a pair of litter mates or compatible rescue pals is always a great idea.

While looking after two kittens will certainly increase the amount of responsibility you have, it also means you’ll have two beautiful cats to love and watch develop distinct personalities as the years go by.

Plus, it means they’ll always have a friend to cuddle and play with, even when you aren’t home.

Introduce New Things Slowly
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