7 Things You Didn't Know about Getting a Tattoo ...


I currently have two foot tattoos and found out along the way some things you didn’t know about tattoos.

I wasn’t expecting them to be work, rather simply art that makes the body beautiful.

It’s a means for self-expression, especially in today’s culture.

Here are just a few things you didn’t know about tattoos that I think are worthwhile to know.

1. After-Care


If you or someone you know has a tattoo, you may be familiar with the after-care required.

Things you didn’t know about tattoos include the fact that the work doesn’t end once the artist puts down the ink.2

Typically, you need to apply A&D ointment to help heal the skin for a few weeks after, depending on the size.

Then, after the skin has begun to heal, you should moisturize it.

Non-scented lotion helps the irritated skin soften back to its original nature.3

2. Scabbing


The tattooed area has been penetrated layers deep, causing the skin to become like a scar.

Like most scars, they need to heal.

The after-care methods take care of that.

But after the skin starts to regrow, you begin to scab.

You can’t peel off these scabs like your sunburn because it could mess up the tattoo.

Rather, you need to let it peel off by itself, which is quite a shock when it comes time to take a shower.

3. Itching


Tattoos itch like crazy!

And what makes it worse is that you can’t scratch it.

Scratching new tattoos can only irritate the skin further and cause the tattoo to not heal correctly.

Instead rapidly pat the area to alleviate the sensation.

It doesn’t do the trick, but it is the only means of not messing up the tattoo when avoiding the feeling doesn’t work.2

I can remember reaching down occasionally to slap my foot just so that it would stop itching.2

Again, not my preference but at least it’s something.

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