7 Things to Love about Pottermore ...



What can I say about Pottermore?

I am addicted.

No fake jake, I am 100% an addict for this website and I don't think that there is a cure for it right?2

I do want to apologize to everyone that did not get early access, however I can tell you, when you do get in, in October, you are going to love it!2

That is why I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of 7 of the top things you will love about Pottermore – instantly!

1. The Back Stories

The Back Stories

So, I haven't read the books.

Shoot me.

I am working my way through the British versions now, but I am only on the second one.

The back stories that are tucked away in Pottermore are incredible!

I'm not kidding, J.K Rowling thought of everything and I swear, when you get access to Pottermore, make sure you start to read the books again, it'll be worth it!

2. The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat

I am a dedicated Slytherin fan.

I love everything about the house – from the colors down to Draco, who I absolutely adore by the way.

In Pottermore, you actually do get sorted into the houses.

How do you get sorted?

You have to answer about five to six questions.

Once that is done, the Sorting Hat will sort you.2

This was super nerve wracking for me, because I wanted Slytherin so bad.

Guess which house I'm in?


It's fun to get sorted and figure out which house you might end up in!

3. Character Development

Character Development

J.K Rowling made sure, when she created Pottermore that she gave backgrounds to each and every character.

I love the fact that you can read about the professors, actually know more about characters that did not show up all that much.

It's a great way to expand the story a bit!

The Games
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