The Almost 40 Year Old Intern’s 5 Tips for Designing Your Space ...


Today we have a wonderful guest post for you from the "Almost 40 Year Old Intern" and if you caught the Nate Berkus Show today, you would have seen her on it!

Holly is here with us today to share home design tips for your space, from simple DIY to mixing together bold colors an patterns.

Turn your space into its own design and impress your family and friends...

1. Make Sure Your Personality Shines through!

It is so important to add a piece of yourself to your space… This way, when friends come calling there is no mistaking it is your home!

No, I am not suggesting severing a limb and putting it on display… But instead, adding photographs or artwork that has a special meaning to you… perhaps a collage of photos of your favorite place, a trinket from an amazing vacation displayed on a shelf, if you surf use your boards as art on the wall, the options are endless…2

Mix It up!
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