7 Surprising Uses for Lemon ...


Uses for Lemon rinds, peels, shavings or even the juice can be surprising.

For me, I love to find unique and different ways to use fruits and veggies around the house – for example, did you know that you can use strawberries on your face as an exfoliate?

The uses for lemon are endless really!

Below, I've compiled the top 7 uses for lemon that might surprise you!3

1. Greasy Mess Cleaner

So I use a ton of olive oil.

With using oils like olive oil, you are usually left with a huge greasy mess.

One of the main uses for lemon juice can be to cut through that greasy mess quickly!

Just use water and lemon juice in a spray bottle and I promise that it'll cut right through that grease better than most of the leading chemical-filled cleaners out there!

2. Lighten Hair

Most people know about this but I have to say, it really works!

This summer, I used this trick to lighten up my hair.2

All I did was combine a bit of lemon juice, some water and some peroxide into a spray bottle, carted it to the beach with me and then laid out in the sun with the mixture in my hair.2

Within a few days, I could tell that my hair was lighter and I didn't have to spend a ton either!

3. Homemade Hairspray

Okay, it sounds weird and like it isn't going to work, but trust me on it.2

You can make homemade hairspray by just boiling down lemons in water until it is about half of what you started with.

Dilute the mixture with some additional water and store the mixture in the fridge.

The best part about this is that it smells just like crisp and fresh lemons!

4. Polish Chrome

Are you having problems getting your chrome sinks clean?

What about the chrome you have along your cars exterior?

Guys, this works, just rub some lemon rind over the chrome and instantly, it'll brighten up and shine just like new!

It's one of the many uses for lemon that people wouldn't even think of using this awesome fruit for!

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