7 Sure Signs You're Addicted to Technology ...


Technology is everywhere and while it’s great and all, have you ever thought about the sure signs you are addicted to technology?

That’s right, your handy little smart phone, laptop or tablet can all be part of this widespread technology addiction that’s taking over our lives every day.

You or someone you know might be in need of an intervention so get to know these signs of technology addiction now!

1. You Think Everything Has a Touch Screen

I’m the first to admit that I’m addicted to technology and I’ve been guilty of trying to control features in my car or trying to scroll through pictures on my laptop with my fingers.2

I got so used to so many things having touch-screen technology like ATMs and GPSs that I tend to forget that everything in life isn’t so technologically advanced!

2. You’re Obsessed with Facebook and Twitter

One of the sure signs you are addicted to technology is when you can’t stay away from Facebook or Twitter.

Do you feel compelled to update your status or tweet at certain intervals throughout the day?

Do you frequently find yourself in Twitter jail or interacting on Facebook while doing other things?

Are you obsessed with adding friends and followers?2

3. You Text More than You Talk

Another telltale sign you are addicted to technology is when you text or email more than you talk.

I know, texting and sending emails can be much easier when you’re busy or can’t get to the phone.

But if you find yourself texting constantly or neglecting activities or people because of your addiction, it’s time for some face time and not on your iPhone!

4. You Can’t Stop Using Abbreviations

When you’re addicted to technology, your addictive behaviors sometimes cross over to other areas of your life.

For example, do you find yourself using texting abbreviations in emails or in casual conversations?

Yeah, we sometimes blurt out OMG when we see an unbelievably hot pair of shoes, but some people can’t stop using these abbreviations IRL and it makes me LMAO, JK!

You Get Separation Anxiety
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