8 Sure Signs of an Idiot Friend ...

SpongeBob and Patrick.

Chester and Jesse (from โ€œDude, Whereโ€™s My Car?โ€).

The entire cast of "The Hangover" and "Jersey Shore." The list of idiot friends goes on, and each pair tells you a little something more about the girl (or guy) in your circle of friends who fills that role.

Theyโ€™re often frustrating, seldom reliable, but somehow endearing.

How can you tell who in your circle is the Patrick to your Squidward?

Here are 8 sure signs of an idiot friend.

1. Sleeps Til Noon

Iโ€™m probably only listing this because Iโ€™m insanely jealous โ€” I donโ€™t get to sleep til noon, so no-one else should get to, either!

But sleeping late (and being slovenly in sleep habits in general) is indeed one of the trademarks of an idiot friend.