7 Stereotypes about Women That Are Actually True ...


Stereotypes are common beliefs about certain social groups that are based on prior assumptions, but while some stereotypes are completely irrational, other stereotypes about women, in particular, are actually true.

These actions became labeled as female stereotypes because they have been observed in many women for so long, and therefore prove to be completely correct most of the time.

Let’s take a look at some stereotypes about women that are more than often true.

1. Women Are Sensitive

Most of the stereotypes about women accentuate the sensitivity that most women acquire.

There are probably are some exceptions to this statement, because when are there not?2

However, you have to admit that each and every one of us ladies has a sensitive side.2

No matter how tough and strong you may present yourself to be, there is a very sensitive girl in there somewhere.

2. Women Love to Talk

Gossip or not, women love to talk!

We love to share our ideas and form significant connections with others by bonding through verbal communication.2

Give us one topic and we will gradually digress to a completely different subject with ease.

It just comes naturally!

3. Women Are Lightweights

While many women would beg to differ, science proves that this particular stereotype is true, but not for the reasons you are thinking.

The ratio of water to fat is much lower in women and therefore not much of the alcohol can be diluted.2

In addition, women produce less of the liver enzyme, which converts alcohol into an inactive state.

So there is a biologically rational explanation to this phenomenon.

4. Women Are Catty

This stereotype is true only under certain circumstances.

It is incorrect to say that all women are catty, but it is more appropriate to re-word it to β€˜All women CAN be catty.’ Even the calmest and most rational women have their breakdowns and even they can snap at others.

Women Are Emotional
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