7 Simple Ideas to Build Your Career at Home ...


If you have free time, rather than watching TV or spending your time unproductively, why not build your career at home?

Itโ€™s simple and most of these tasks donโ€™t take more than an hour a day.

Although youโ€™ll be sacrificing your leisure time, the outcome will justify the means.

Here are a few tips on how to build your career at home.

1. Books

One easy way to build your career is to read books.

You donโ€™t necessarily need to read an entire book in one sitting;

pacing yourself and reading a chapter a day is just as good.

Reading books, or articles, related to your career helps you stay updated on current events in your field.2

Reading books also helps to refresh you on work related topics and facts you may have forgotten over time.

2. Online Courses

Nothing puts you ahead of the competition like furthering your education.

Not only will you be an expert in your field but you will also become more qualified than many of your co-workers, thus putting you ahead.

Many online courses are affordable and fit with your work and home schedule.2

3. Research/blogging

Since most of us are always on our phone or laptop anyways, why not surf the internet productively - research and read blogs about your field.2

You may find out things you did not know before like union policies, company benefits, or what competing companies offer their employees.

4. Job Posts

Make sure to look at related job posts from time to time.

Not only will an active job search let you know what else is available to you, but you may be able to progress in your career even faster.

For example, rather than waiting for a promotion at your current job, another company may have an opening for the same position youโ€™re gunning for.2

In addition, another company may offer higher pay for the same job youโ€™re currently doing.

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