15 Simple but Awesome DIY Shelf Ideas ...


Awesome DIY Shelf Ideas are my current obsession.

There is a blank wall in my office/craft room and I think a display shelf is just what I need to complete my little space.2

The DIY shelf ideas I have gathered here look fairly simple to do.2

Sure there are some that will require a handyman's help but you will find these DIY shelves quite clever, easy to recreate and even put your own spin on.

Let's get started!

1. Corner Shelf

Corner Shelf

This corner shelf is so clever!

There are many things to love about this DIY shelf idea.

It's a great way to repurpose a magazine holder that you may no longer be using.2

You can also use this corner shelf as a catch-all;

install near the entry way and stay organized!

2. Door Shelf

Door Shelf

I have already produced an article on ways to repurpose an old door but I simply have to include this one in our DIY shelf project list.

I love this because it will fit perfectly in a corner in your home.

It's perfect for a cozy reading nook, methinks.

3. Ribbon Bracket Shelves

Ribbon Bracket Shelves

If you're a renter and you can't possibly install shelves or bookcases, you will love this awesome shelving project.

This looks very easy to do, too.

Design variation: use a yardstick instead of a plywood for displaying smaller items.

4. Book Shelves

Book Shelves

Literally, shelves made of books.

Aren't these pretty?

Look for books with interesting covers so that the shelves themselves add to the overall look of your wall.2

5. Ladder Shelves

Ladder Shelves

You've probably seen those shelves that look a lot like ladders.

If you buy from a furniture store be ready to spend a lot.

But really, why buy when these shelves are easy to DIY?

Check out the tutorial to make your own version.

Hanging Shelf
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