7 Signs It's Time to Move in Together...


The next step in a relationship;

whether it's moving in together, getting engaged, or having children, can always be a little scary.2

Are you ever really ready to take that next step with your partner?

Guest blogger Nan Gibbons from EatBreatheBlogis back with us to share her helpful and smart tips to prepare you for that next step.2

Today she is talking about 7 Signs it's Time to Move in Together ...

Moving in Together: Are You Ready...

So, you've been dating for a few years now, he's over at your place all the time, you're at his place all the time, or you're both looking for an excuse to get out of your current living situation.

The thought crosses both of your minds, "Maybe we could possibly live together?" But, no one really wants to say anything yet.

Neither one of you really know if now is the right time.

What if you aren't ready?

What if moving in together is the kiss of death for the relationship?

While there are very few straight answers for life's many situations, there a lot of signs you can follow.

If you're not sure if you and your significant other are ready to move in together, look for the following signs in your relationship, preferably before you call the moving companies.

1. You Can Both Support Yourselves...

Moving in together if one or both of you is financially unstable is not a good idea.2

One of you will undoubtedly need to lean on the other, putting excess strain on your relationship.

Money is a difficult subject to breach, and if you both have your own finances starting out, it's a subject you'll never have to deal with.

At least, not for a while.

You're Always Together Anyway...
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