7 Reasons Why Life after University Isn't so Bad ...


One of the scariest times in your life will probably be after you’ve left education for the last time – it certainly is for me;

but life after university doesn’t have to be so terrifying.

Chances are, you’ll be moving back home and looking for a full-time job.

You’ll miss you friends, your freedom and probably your sense of direction.

You may feel lost, but you don’t have to be;

here are my tips for why life after university isn’t so scary, after all.

And I will certainly be trying to follow them.


The most obvious reason for why life after university isn’t so bad.

If you’re going into full-time work, you’re going to have a lot more earning potential than you did working behind the student bar every Wednesday and Friday.

You could start saving for the things you really want now: a house, a car, a holiday...

whatever you want.

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