7 Reasons to Forgive ...


Arguments, fights, altercations, whatever it may be you should always find a reason to forgive, if they deserve it. Sometimes even after several fights, and you forgive them each time, people have the audacity to abuse their chances. How many times do you think you're allowed to forgive a person for their mistakes? For me, I believe in forgiving and never forgetting. Why you ask? Well, here are my reasons to forgive.

1. Stress Free

One of my main reasons to forgive is to live a stress-free life. I believe in forgiving when a person truly understands their mistakes, and although I may forgive someone, I don't forget what they've done and instead I'm more cautious with my actions and words. For me, holding onto grudges and guilt just stresses me out. Instead, I forgive when it's necessary, and let go of those who I don't think are necessary in my life. NAMASTE!