8 Reasons to Ditch Facebook in 2014 ...


Too many of us are way too addicted to social media, especially to Facebook.2

Guest contributor Peyton shares her tips on why you should dial back on your addiction.2

If you made a New Year's resolution about anything related to self-worth, productivity, or getting over a recent break up, you may have thought about closing your Facebook account once and for all.

We've all been there.

One day you're flying high and can't wait to brag about your recent accomplishment and the next you're on the floor crying to your BFF because your ex changed his status to "in a relationship."

Facebook can be a great tool for reconnecting and sharing, but it's also a tool for humiliation, heartbreak, and intense annoyance.

Here are the 8 best reasons you should consider ditching this social media platform in 20142

1. Bad Behavior

If you've ever shared a political opinion, stalked your best friend's teacher's girlfriend, or been hung up on why you don't have abs like your closest frenemy, you know the weird disadvantages of Facebook.

Facebook encourages bad behavior.

It's that simple.

Wasting your valuable time arguing, bullying, blocking, and stalking are all childish behaviors that you should re-evaluate in 2014.2

2. The Ads

Facebook ads are only going to get worse.

Autoplay Facebook ads were recently introduced in December 2013, "sponsored posts" appear in your Newsfeed more often than you'd like, and the sidebar ads are getting eerily specific to your interests.

Plus, you and your friends are encouraged to "like" products and share your support.

Who cares if you "like" Taco Bell?

Get out now before Facebook turns into one big marketing medium.

3. The Facebook Engagement Posts

If you're in your 20s, there's a strong possibility of you logging into Facebook only to see that four more of your "friends" are engaged.2



Or, maybe it just seems like it.

Sure, they may be as cute as a famous TV couple, but even a classic Ross-and-Rachel romance gets old if it's thrown in your face 24/7.

Save yourself the feigned excitement and let your real friends inform you of their plans to wed the old fashioned way.

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