11 Quirky Things Men Love about Women ...

Things #Men Love about Women, do you know what they are? Most of the #time, women are completely clueless what quirky and small things men love about women. Do they really like how we look when we wake up? Do they really like to smell us when we leave the bathroom after spraying our perfume? Don't worry ladies, I got the low-down on things men love about women, so you can know what your #man misses about you when you aren't around!

1. The Look

The Look
Believe it or not chicas, your #guy likes when you give him the look. Now, the look can mean many #things – it can mean that you are in the mood, it can mean that he's in trouble – or that he's about to be in trouble. The #look is one of the many things men love about women because it keeps them guessing!