10 Must-Have Work Skills for 2013 ...


You’ve got a stellar resume and your go-to interview outfit ready to go, but do you know which are the must-have job skills for 2013?

It’s a tough workplace right now, with more and more applicants vying for the best positions, so getting your career skills in a row is crucial.

Whether you are currently looking for a job, or perhaps looking for a promotion within your place of work, there are a handful of must-have work skills that can make all the difference in landing your dream job for 2013!

1. Amp up Your Social Media Presence

A major must-have work skill for 2013 is a familiarity with the main social media platforms (namely Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest).

It doesn’t matter if you’re applying to work at a dental office or a newspaper, knowing your way around a Twitter handle can boost your value in just about any field.

Businesses are constantly looking to build their relevance through social media—as a free form of advertising, there’s simply no easier or faster way to market your brand.

Showing a company that you can assist in boosting sales through their exposure to potential customers simply by updating their social media channels is a great way to get a leg up on the competition.

Be Likable
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