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Wondering how to not resent your perfect friend? I’m going to go out on a limb straight away and say, we all have one, don’t we? That perfect friend. The one that eats McDonald's every other day yet never gains weight. The one who won’t be caught dead in the gym yet somehow has a trimmed slender stomach. The one who can sing and dance, and grow long mermaid hair, and do the splits and hold a handstand. Most likely she is a blonde bubbly ex-cheerleader or sports star who has always been the life of the party, and still gets hit on by every single guy in a 100 feet radius of anywhere your group goes. The one who is so perfect, she’s is a little hard to be friends with. That girl is my best friend. Yes, I somehow ended up being best friends with the “perfect girl”. And after 10 plus years, I can safely say, it is a bit of a struggle.

Now before I get the third degree about females empowering females, just don’t. I love my friend, let’s call her Lauren, and would never want her to dull her shine to make me feel better, but that’s what this is about. How to love that star friend without resenting her. And after 10 years with a Lauren, here's how to not resent your perfect friend.

1. Accept That You Have a Different Sort of Light

Accepting your differences is an important part of learning how to not resent your perfect friend. Over the course of my friendship with Lauren, I kept having this feeling like I wasn’t good enough, outgoing enough, bubbly enough, or even fun enough. Because Lauren was always getting so much attention from people, was always at the center of everything and everywhere we went, I began thinking that my personality should be more like hers.

So I tried to dance more, talk to more strangers, laugh more, and so on, but it never felt right. What I realized was that people wanted me around for my own qualities that were nowhere near Lauren’s. My friends liked that while I was fun, I was also responsible and always made sure everyone was safe and taken care of. And that while I wasn’t the most outgoing, I was the one who was always up for adventure and new things. My light wasn’t less than Lauren’s, it was just a different color. So, find out what your friends value in you, what color your light is, and stop comparing it to others’.

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