8 Hilarious Halloween Costumes ...


Funny Halloween Costumes never get old, and every year there's something new. You know what I'm talking about. There are always dozens of funny Halloween costumes you spot in your neighborhood, at a party, or somewhere on the internet, and you can't help but snicker. I always wonder about the people wearing them as well. So if you need some good ideas for the upcoming holiday, I hope my commentary on some really funny Halloween costumes helps you choose one of your own – or at least gives you a chuckle!

1. The Normal Werewolf

What with Twilight and Teen Wolf, werewolves are sure to be a hot ticket this Halloween. This idea proves that funny Halloween costumes can also be simple. See, all you do is dress up like you do every day. If someone asks what your costume is, say you're a werewolf. When they go on to question the lack of facial hair, fangs, and claws – as they will – just confidentially inform them that it's simply not a full moon. Well, unless it is. Then this won't work.

Alan Garner from the Hangover