Here's How Your Childhood Years Affect Your Relationships Now ...


Many of us are constantly terrified our SO will leave us or cheat on us, even though he's been nothing but loving and attentive towards us.

Ever wondered why that is?

Do you find yourself indulging your friends' or partner's every whish, even though, deep down inside, you'd rather be doing something else?

It could be the result of your childhood years, which can affect your emotional patterns as an adult to a greater extent than you might imagine.

Read on and you'll see just how strong the link between childhood habits and your adult relationships can be.2

1. Overbearing Parents Lead to Codependency in Adulthood…

When you're very little, it's obvious that your parents should be making your decisions for you (how you spend your time, what you wear, what you eat, etc.).2

But if this goes on after a certain age, and your folks never allow you or trust you to make your own choices, in adulthood, you will be more prone to choosing partners and friends that decide almost everything for you as well.

You might think it's nice to always let your SO decide what you'll be doing on date night or where you'll spend your vacation.

However, this means you're overly dependent on your partner and, in the long run, it only leads to low self-esteem and resentment.

… or to Stubbornness
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