8 Great Ways to Grow Your Twitter following ...


As someone who earns a living by managing social media profiles, I’ve learned a few quick and easy ways to grow your Twitter following.

You don’t need big bucks and a team behind you to make the most of your Twitter experience.

With these 8 tips, you’ll score some fun and friendly new followers.

Are you ready to start tweeting?

1. Create a Compelling Profile

Would you follow someone who still uses the default egg icon and has no info listed on her profile?

Didn’t think so!

Looking like a newbie won’t earn you any points, so if you’re serious about becoming a part of the Twitterverse, take some time to upload a headshot and background image.

Then, craft a witty bio, list any websites you own, and insert a location.

This will help other users to know if they’d want to follow you or not.

I always tag the companies I blog for in the bio section so readers can find my profile.

Believe it or not, it works!

Content is Key
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