7 Great TV Shows for Women...

There are so many great TV shows for women that can inspire, move, and make a difference in us.

We can relate to the characters, feel what they are going through, and maybe make a change in what we are going through.

Perhaps TV doesn't mean that much to you because reading a good book can do the same.

But sometimes we like to just relax, snuggle up on the couch, and escape with a great TV show.

Tune out the rest of the world and tune into these 7 Great TV Shows for Women this Fall...if you haven't already!

7. "against the Wall": Great Cop TV Shows for Women...

"against the Wall": Great Cop TV Shows for Women...

Photo: MyLifetime

LifetimeTV network has come a long way from all those made for television movies with Tori Spelling and has turned into a channel with great TV shows for women. My new favorite from them is "Against the Wall"featuringRachael Carpanias Abby Kowalski, a daughter and sister who just became an IA detective in a family of cops. Abby is a single, strong, likeable woman living in Chicago trying to make it through her first days as IA while dealing with her family, love life, and pregnant partner. This is a TV show women can relate to, believe in, and be inspired by. It also doesn't hurt that she has a few sexybrothers and lovers!