11 Gloriously Badass Feminist Moments of 2013 ...


Iโ€™ve no claim to being one of the burn-your-bra brigade, but I am very happy to support the empowerment and advancement of women and it is with much joy, happiness and more than a smile that I want to share with you some of the most notable feminist moments of 2013.

These advances in the cause of womanhood may be small in the overall scheme of things but it makes them no less sweeter, and each is another victory.

Grab a coffee, put your feet up and revel in these feminist moments of 2013.

1. Malala Makes a Stand

Topping the list of most notable feminist moments of 2013 has to go to Malala Yousafzai.2

Shot in the head by the Taliban for her campaigning for the right of girls/women to receive an education, Malala survived to reach her 16th birthday, and celebrated in true style by addressing the United Nations on the issues she is so passionate about.

Thank you Malala โ€“ your courage and strength are truly inspirational and awesome!

2. Jennifer Lawrence Kicked Ass!

In a most unassuming and unconscious way, Jennifer Lawrence has endeared herself to even more women with a few standout quotes and noteworthy statements this past year.

Glorying in everything womanly, Jennifer has spoken out about the constant need for women to be on a diet and has even called for the word โ€œfatโ€ to be banned from the media as a word used to describe someone.

Talented, beautiful and socially-conscious, Jennifer Lawrence gets my vote for providing some of the best feminist moments of 2013.

3. Indian Women Unite in Sisterhood

I am writing this on the day after the world reported another gang rape in India!

Our Indian sisterhood came together in mass protests early in 2013 after the death of a gang rape victim, highlighting the prevalence of the problem and the light touch of the justice system in dealing with it.

There was sufficient protest and outrage to cause a new anti-rape bill to be passed in the Indian parliament that doubled the punishment for rapists.

With the latest outrage it appears there is still a way to go but it was a major step on the road.

It also created a global discussion in the issue of rape that spawned other comments and actions that will appear later.

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