Genius Ways πŸ’‘ for Sarcastic Girls πŸ™„ to Show Their Colors 🎨 without Being Offensive πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ ...


It's not easy being sarcastic. I mean, first of all, sometimes people just don't get it -- imbeciles, obvs -- but also, it's hard to express your inner cynic in style without offending the masses. Well, til now anyway. Here are a few clever ways to wear your sarcasm on your sleeve (and in other places) without making some serious enemies.

1. Fox Bag

handbag, bag, tote bag, shoulder bag, fashion accessory,

Price: $21.50 at

How many ... umm ... fox(es) ... do you have to give? I happen to be all out of them, except for the cute one on this bag, which, for some reason, makes me think of the one from The Little Prince. Anyway. I have zero FOX(es) to give. How about you?

2. Sass

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Price: $17.38 at

I actually happen to have loads of sass to spare, so if you're just not sure you've got enough to keep the basics and randos at bay every day, I'd be happy to donate some of mine. We cynics and sarcastic girls have to stick together, right?

3. Buh-Bye

t shirt, black, white, clothing, sleeve,

Price: $14.99 at

I wonder if they have one that says "Bye Felipe" too? Because honestly, I might wear that one even more often than I'd want to wear this one. It's black, which matches my soul and most of my wardrobe, so there's that, too.


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Price: $15.00 at

This looks like a sweet little heart necklace, maybe something your parents got you for Christmas from the Tiffany sterling silver section. Look closer, though, and it bears a sentiment you express often. Like, at least three times a day.

5. Or... Not so Random

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Price: $11.99 at

I mean, tote bags were literally invented to tote your stuff around, so why is everyone so surprised that's what you're actually using it for? A pair of socks (just in case), a book, a tangle of earphones, your sunnies, a half-empty bottle of water, your favorite lip gloss... like, what did they think was going to be in a tote bag?

6. SHUT up

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Price: $12.00 at

Whenever some rando says something idiotic on the train, feel free to roll your eyes and just literally or mentally point to your pin. You have neither the time nor the patience to waste actual words on him, so don't.

7. (No) Conversation Hearts

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Price: $6.50 at

I love the irony of conversation hearts that politely decline conversation. You've got these earrings on, your earbuds in, your sunglasses on, and you're reading a book. WHY on earth does that skeevy guy think you might want to chat? Clearly you do not.

Which of these little bits will you wear, and how would you wear it? Or do you have another favorite wardrobe item that keeps the world guessing whether you're being serious or not?