9 Fun Songs to Get You Pumped for a Night out ...


I love listening to good party music when I get ready to go out and I wanted to share 9 fun songs to get pumped up for a night out! Music can really set the tone for the night and if you’ve got really danceable and upbeat music, it should get you in the mindset to dance your butt off and have tons of fun with your girlfriends! Check out this list of some of the many great songs you can play while you’re getting ready to hit the town!

1. Starstrukk by 3OH!3 Featuring Katy Petty (2009)


This super fun and bubbly jam is one of my favorite songs to get pumped up for a night out! Katy Perry is just the icing on the cake on this carefree, NSA party song. Listen to this song while you’re putting on your makeup or as you’re driving to the party, it’ll get you in the mood to move and flirt! Boys beware, L-O-V-E is just another word you never learned to pronounce!

Get the Party Started by P!nk (2001)