7 Extremely Important Facts about Extroverts ...


There are a couple of facts about extroverts everyone should know in order to prevent and resolve any misunderstanding, especially with all these stereotypes and myths about extroverts, which seem to be extremely popular now days. A lot of introverts often complain that they feel misunderstood by their extrovert friends, yet the reverse is also true, since a lot of people think extroverts are really shallow, that they are awful listeners or that all they think of is partying. Well, this couldn’t be more false because while introverts like to embrace solitude, extroverts like to go out and meet new people, they like to mingle at all the parties they’re invited to because they get their energy from being around others. Here are a few extremely important facts about extroverts you should know, so you will be able to understand them better:

1. Extroverts Also Need Some Alone Time

Even though most people believe that only introverts need some quiet time every once in a while since they need to recharge, I must tell you that extroverts need it too. This is definitely one of the most important facts about extroverts everyone should know in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Maybe they don’t need as much time as introverts require to recharge, yet they still need it in “shorter doses and in different ways,” says Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, who is a certified speaking professional, executive coach and author. According to her, “an extrovert might listen to music with their headphones on while sitting in a coffee shop,” and they will feel energized in no time.

Extroverts Are Not Bad Listeners