8 Essential Party Survival Tips for Introverts ...


The holiday season is nearly on us and if you are naturally shy, you could well be looking for some party tips for introverts. The thought of social gatherings might well be filling you with dread, but helpful advice for shy girls is the way to survive Christmas and New Year (and any other time for that matter). Don’t dread those invites and don’t tear your hair out trying to think of excuses not to go – there’s help in these party tips for self-conscious girls.

1. Relax with a Drink

One of the best party tips for introverts is to have a drink to help relax you and make you feel less anxious about the environment that you’re in. However saying that, try limiting yourself to just one slow drink, else consuming too much could get messy and end in tears – literally! Having a drink is a good way to feel confident at a party, and in turn allow you to feel more at ease at meeting new people.

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