7 Embarrassing Selfies to Avoid at All Costs ...


It's very important to make yourself aware of the types of selfies to avoid—it's way too easy to whip out that camera phone to take a quick snap, so you might share a self-shot online that you'll later regret after you take a closer look at it (along with the comments that accompany it). So it's probably always a good idea to ponder that pic before you post it. Ask yourself why you're doing it and try to imagine what you would think if someone you knew posted a similar picture online. And remember these embarrassing selfies to avoid at all costs:

1. The Drunk Selfie

When it comes to selfies to avoid, the drunk selfie is one of the most dangerous on this list. When you drink, you don't just get beer goggles that make everyone else look hotter—you might also look in the mirror and think that you look like a million bucks. However, the reality is that you've got red eyes, smeared lipstick, and a really goofy look on your face. When you drink, you're also more likely to take embarrassing selfies that seem like fun at the time. However, it probably wasn't the best idea to share that photo of yourself chilling on the toilet in a bar bathroom. Sadly, you also don't look as cool as you think you do posing with that drink in your mouth.

The Sexy Bathroom Selfie