7 Disney Life Lessons We Should All Learn ...


Yesterday I got thinking about Disney life lessons.2

Disney movies tend to be cheerful, easy to watch and entertaining- nothing big to think about here.

Or is there?

My little sister impressed me yesterday by telling me the lessons behind some of her favourite characters and stories.

So here goes, Disney life lessons 101…2

1. Don’t Let Fear Stop You…

Have you seen Tangled?

Released in 2010, this animated fantasy was a remake of the classic Rapunzel storyline, featuring a princess with beautiful long hair who dreams of leaving the tower that she is trapped in.2

Yep, you know the rest of the story.

So what does the film tell us?

Face your fears.

You’ll never know if you can succeed unless you try.

And if you fail?

Change your dream, confident that you gave this one your best shot.

You’ll have no regrets that way, and you can’t go far wrong.

This is probably one of the Disney life lessons that I need to remember more!

Have a Kind Heart…
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