10 Cool Things 😎 You Definitely πŸ’― Didn't Learn in School 🏫 ...


Education is important.

However, the learning doesn't stop after you graduate.

There's a lot that your teachers didn't tell you.

According to Imgur, here are a few cool things you definitely didn't learn in school:

1. Washing Your Hands

Washing Your Hands

This is why you shouldn't run them under the water quickly and call it a day.

2. "the Size of the Earth Compared to the Largest Star in the Known Universe, Canis Major."

"the Size of the Earth Compared to the Largest Star in the Known Universe, Canis Major."

Now you should have a better understanding of how small we really are.

3. What Happens when We Swallow

What Happens when We Swallow

We do it all the time, but have you ever wondered how it actually happens?2

4. Flights in a 24 Hour Period

Flights in a 24 Hour Period

People love to travel.

5. How a Trumpet Works

How a Trumpet Works

Some music majors might not even realize this.

6. How a Ladybug Flies

How a Ladybug Flies

Did you know that this is how your favorite bug gets around?2

7. How a Key Works

How a Key Works

You use keys each and every day, but did you know what the grooves actually do?

8. What VeNom Does to Blood

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Creepy or cool, you never actually learn the effects of certain snake bites when you're in school, or scouts, or really anywhere but the internet.

9. How an Ant Walks

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I haven't ever really wondered, but now seeing this, it's pretty cool.

Plus, it's funny to see that little digital ant shake his/her butt.2


10. Throwing Boiling Water into Freezing Cold Air

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I've actually seen this first hand and it does work.

It's pretty cool in fact to water the water freeze and fall like snow.


What other cool facts can you share with all of us?2

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