7 Common College Drunken Alter-Egos ...


When you are in college, you’re bound to encounter some of the most outrageous drunk alter-egos. You could have the most quiet and reserved girl, but after a few drinks, she is running around, dancing her heart out, and yelling up a storm. A drunk alter-ego is when you act completely different than you would sober. Not every girl has one, but here are some of the most common college drunk alter-egos you might run into.

1. The One Who Can’t Stop Dancing

Unlike the other drunk alter-egos, this one might actually get some cardio in from going out. As soon as that music starts playing, this girl can be found on the dance floor shaking it. This drunken alter-ego has to dance, even if there is no music. Some might even go as far as to sing, just so they have something to move to. To some, this drunk alter-ego is fun to have around because you always have a dance partner. But to others, the girl who can’t stop dancing is kind of annoying to be with.

The One Who Loves Compliments