Check out πŸ‘€ This Epic List πŸ“ of Things to Toss πŸ—‘ for Girls Decluttering Their Lives 🌎 ...


Check out this epic list of things you should throw away if you're trying to declutter your life. According to Popsugar, nothing will have you feeling more refreshed than decluttering your home from unnecessary stuff. Throw away these items on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to free up your living space. Keep reading to see the 100+ things to toss for a cleaner and less cluttered lifestyle!

1. Broken Electronics

gadget, computer keyboard, close up, technology, electronic device,

2. Boxes and Packaging

room, design, interior design,

3. Dried Flowers

flower, flora, flower arranging, plant, yellow,

4. Empty or near-empty Bottles of Cleaning Products

product, plumbing fixture, bidet, tap, sink,

5. Broken Kitchen Equipment

cup, small appliance, mixer, espresso, kitchen appliance,

6. Old Towels with Holes and Stains

white, crochet, clothing, product, art,

7. Bills You Don't Need to Keep

fashion accessory, wallet, leather, strap, brand,

8. Clothes That Are Outdated

human action, person, leg, sports, footwear,

9. Worn-out Bath Mats

floor, property, room, flooring, hardwood,

10. Scraps of Wrapping Paper

product, wood, rolling pin, molding,

11. Old Purses That You Don't Use

fashion accessory, leather, brand, strap, wallet,

Donate these.

12. Stockings and Tights with Runs

clothing, undergarment, thigh, black hair, leg,
clothing, undergarment, thigh, black hair, leg,

13. Address Labels for Your Old House

color, blue, green, number,

14. Old Artwork or Old Children's Artwork


Keep your favorites, but bin the rest.

15. Clothes That Don't Fit

clothing, outerwear, zipper, fashion accessory, fur,

Donate or throw a clothing swap with your friends.

16. CDs for Old Computer Programs

light, window covering, interior design, lighting, window blind,

17. Expired Ticket Stubs

cash, close up, writing, money, brand,

18. Old Schoolbooks You'll Never Use Again

color, room, interior design, wood, book,

19. Stained Clothing You Can't Clean

washing machine, clothes dryer, major appliance, kitchen stove, home appliance,

20. Expired Food

dish, food, meal, cuisine, produce,

21. Old Swimwear That's Losing Its Stretch

clothing, arm, dress, textile, outerwear,

22. Bags You Never Use

brand, design,

Donate them!

23. Cables and Wires You Don't Use

white, glasses, close up, lighting, technology,

24. Little Knickknacks

art, fashion accessory, hand, eye, drawing,

25. Bobby Pins

hand, flavor,

26. Old Electronics That Can't Be Fixed, like Phones

product, gadget, technology, electronics, multimedia,

27. Old or Unused Hangers

white, wedding dress, bridal clothing, dress, interior design,

28. Extra Coffee Mugs

dish, food, dessert, breakfast, produce,

Donate the unused ones collecting dust on your shelves, but trash the cracked and stained ones.

29. Wedding Invites

blue, purple, pink, brand,

30. Scarves That Have Seen Better Days

yellow, green, clothing, knitting, crochet,

31. Spare Furniture Parts You Don't Need

shelving, furniture, room, shelf, bookcase,

32. Frequent Shopper Cards You Never Use

local food, food, produce, marketplace, public space,

33. Old Toiletries

room, bathroom, floor, sink, table,

34. Wrinkled Ribbon and Bows for Gift Wrap

christmas decoration, christmas, fashion accessory,

35. Junk Mail

tree, water, sign,

36. Old Makeup

photograph, photography, ceremony, hand, brand,

37. Broken Christmas Decorations

color, art, symmetry,

38. Christmas Lights That Don't Work

tree, branch, green, plant, christmas tree,

39. Worn-out Sheets and Bedding

white, wood, interior design, baking, food,

40. Matchbooks


41. Mobile Phone Accessories You Don't Use Anymore

room, gadget, furniture, computer monitor, design,

42. Old Magazines

cash, money, writing, brand, design,

43. Leftover Change

mobile phone, portable communications device, gadget, smartphone, brand,

Don't actually throw change away, but it's not doing you much good taking up valuable space in piles around your house. Roll it up and take it into the bank to exchange for cash you'll actually use.

44. DVDs You Don't Watch

color, house, room, wood, interior design,

You should donate these!

45. Rusty Jewelry

white, vase, ceramic, spring, wood,

Consider donating if it's salvageable.

46. Stinky Kitchen Sponges

pink, sponge,

47. Random Containers and Jars

man made object, drink, wood, food, flavor,

48. Old Spices

food, produce, petal, leaf, finger,

49. Old Pillows

white, furniture, product, duvet cover, pillow,

50. Pens That Don't Work

pen, pencil, writing, hand, lip,

51. Broken or Old IPhone Cases

mobile phone, smartphone, portable communications device, black, white,

52. Scratched Nonstick Cookware

room, interior design, home, restaurant, cottage,

53. Ripped Denim

white, jeans, clothing, denim, footwear,

When it's in a place that isn't a part of the "style" and isn't easily repairable.

54. Ratty T-shirts

person, human positions, leg, arm, sitting,

55. Cards People Have Given You with No Sentimental Value


56. Furniture Manuals

room, living room, wall, furniture, interior design,

57. Freebie or Promotional T-shirts You Never Wear

black, clothing, t shirt, hand,

58. Gifts You Don't like

white, dress, ceremony, textile, wedding favors,

59. Old Paperwork

white, black, hand, glasses,

60. Old Bank Statements

product, gadget, brand, document, label,

61. Newspapers

cash, newspaper, money, brand,

62. Old Calendars

product, t shirt, brand, hand,

63. Expired Coupons and Tokens

cash, money, brand, document,

64. Old Folders

blue, art, design,

65. Dried-up Nail Polish

white, red, pink, beauty, finger,

66. Old Shopping Bags

footwear, clothing, spring, fashion, leg,

67. Old Batteries

product, technology, bottle, electronic device,

68. Expired Medication

white, product, bottle, lighting, hand,

69. Sample-sized Toiletries

shelf, lighting, wood, furniture, ceramic,

70. Magnets

art, toy,

71. Old Fortune Cookie Fortunes

green, close up, skin, petal, food,

72. Worn-out Shoes

room, furniture, lighting, interior design, design,

73. Tired Bras

clothing, undergarment, wedding dress, lingerie, dress,

74. Damaged Clothing You Can't Mend

denim, clothing, blue, jeans, product,

75. Unused Stationery, Stickers, and Sticky Notes

brand, design, document, label,

76. Old Underwear

clothing, pink, undergarment, lace, fashion accessory,

77. Hair Elastics That Have Lost Stretchiness

hair, hairstyle, braid, arm, muscle,

78. Toys Your Pets Don't Play with

dog, maltese, mammal, vertebrate, dog breed,

79. Socks with Holes

white, footwear, leg, shoe, arm,

80. Hair Accessories You Don't Use

bride, woman, beauty, dress, hairstyle,

81. Markers That Have Run out of Ink and Other Art Supplies

product, writing, diagram, line, brand,

82. Extra Photo Prints

color, art, design, wood, brand,

83. Expired Sauces

room, product, pantry, food, meal,

84. Unused Vases

product, skin,

Donate these.

85. Games That Are Missing Pieces

games, toy, indoor games and sports, brand, screenshot,

86. Outdated Electronics

electronics, radio, multimedia, technology, electronic instrument,

87. Wedding Favors You Don't Use

iron, wood, food, baking,

88. Travel Brochures

advertising, brand, hand,

89. Cooking Utensils You Have Two of

food, dessert, breakfast, meal, baking,

Another great thing to donate if they are in good condition.

90. Save-the-dates

brand, calligraphy,

91. Receipts You Don't Need

cup, drink, coffee, coffee cup,

92. Used and Ripped Envelopes

white, art, drawing, organ, sketch,

93. Extra Tupperware You Don't Need

room, product, refrigerator, kitchen appliance, food,

94. Random Mismatched Flatware, Plates, and Glasses

art, ceramic, coffee cup, meal, porcelain,

Good to donate if they're in OK condition.

95. CDs

color, furniture, pattern, flooring,

96. Hand-me-downs That You're Guilt-tripped into Keeping

clothing, crochet, sleeve, art, fashion accessory,

Donate these!

97. Necklaces and Bracelets with Broken Clasps

jewellery, fashion accessory, ring, organ, hand,

Donate if they're good quality and could be worth fixing.

98. Computer Cords, FireWire Cord, Etc., That You Don't Use

person, lady, beauty, hairstyle, fashion,

99. Kitchen Things You Don't Use

table, furniture, room, countertop, food,

If they've barely been used, donate them!

100. Old Prom Dresses

pink, clothing, dress, quinceaΓ±era, child,

If they're in good condition, find a local organization that specializes in donating prom dresses.

101. Old Planners

yellow, art, pattern, calligraphy, design,

102. The Other Side of a Pair of Lost Earrings

jewellery, earrings, fashion accessory,

103. Extra Buttons

pink, art, organ, hand, finger,

Is this list of things to throw away or donate accurate? Are you willing to toss these items? Let us know in the comments!