10 Best Songs to Make Your Day Better ...

Best Songs can be anything that puts you in a good mood, makes all of your stress melt away and just makes you sing along.  I listen to everything from country (don't laugh – it's only sometimes and only by myself) all the way to rap (I heart Eminem – come on, his best songs are better than most!) and all of it changes my mood.  #Below, I'm gonna talk about some of the best songs that have gotten me through some of the worst days!

1. Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield


Easy A is honestly one of my favorite movies.  Darling little Emma Stone – she's beautiful, witty and I love her characters in #everything she does!  She coined this #song in Easy A and I love her for it!  This is easily one of the best songs that get me in the mood to conquer the #world and take on anything that hits me.  Am I getting yelled at for 20 minutes by a Bridezilla?  Take me away to better days – that line works every single #time!