7 Amazing Ways to Help a Charity for an Instant ⏰ Feel Good Boost πŸ˜„πŸ” ...


There are so many more ways to help a charity than by giving cash.

While charities always need to raise funds, they also need many other kinds of support - and in these cash-strapped times, we may not be able to afford to give money.

So how can you support charities if you can't afford to donate cash?

Here are some of the many ways to help a charity …

1. Give Your Time

One of the most valuable ways to help a charity is by volunteering.2

Most charities need a lot of people to help out, so that they can continue to provide a much-needed service.

Without volunteers, they would be unable to keep going.

So if you have a few hours spare every week - or even just once in a while - there is bound to be a charity that could use your help.

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