9 90's Kid Things I Still Remember ...


Things from the 90's are some of the best things in the world, from the TV shows all the way to the toys!

For those of you that missed the 90's, I'm sorry, you missed a great decade!2

Don't worry too much though, because after reading this post about things from the 90's, you're gonna feel like you experienced the 90's!

Below, I'm going to detail out 9 of the top things from the 90's make this decade awesome!

1. Goosebumps Books

Goosebumps Books

Oh-Em-Gee, these books were the best back in my day (did I really just write that).2

Not only did R.L.

Stine scare the crap out of me, but I was addicted!

These books were not just books for long though, they started making them into a TV show too – which made them that much scarier!

No fake Jake, from 1992 all the way to 2000, R.L.

Stine was the best horror kid writer in the world – and I am still too scared to read some of these books that are tucked away in my attic!

2. Super Nintendo

Super Nintendo

You can take the Wii, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 6 – or whatever number you are on now, the SNES is the shizz!2

This awesome system has some of the best games, the best story lines and if the game doesn't work right away, guess how you fix it?

You blow into the cartridge and the console … it works every single time!

By far, my favorite console – I still have my old one and Final Fantasy III is my favorite game in the entire world.

Buy the console if you can, I promise, this is one of those things from the 90's that everyone should experience!

3. VHS Not DVD


You may think that there was always DVDs (or BluRay nowadays), but kids, you're wrong.

Before the DVD, there was VHS.

Do you guys know what VHS is?

It's a video tape;

you actually had to rewind it before you took it back to the video store.2

We didn't even have Netflix in the 90's!

While I'm glad to be rid of VHS and VHS players, I still own things like … don't laugh, but Sailor Moon on VHS and all of the music videos that I used to record off of MTV when I was a kid.

Now only if I owned a VHS player to actually play them on ...

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